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Saturday, 19 April
12:00 The Double 110 Kč ENG.F.
15:00 The Pirate Fairy 110 Kč
18:00 The Lunchbox 110 Kč
20:30 Detective Downs 110 Kč
22:30 Her 110 Kč ENG.F.


The program for April 10 - 23

We have stopped printing the monthly program brochure. Instead of that, we have decided to develope a new website and smartphone app. The aplication is available here for Android and iPhone. We’ve also begun planning our program in 2-week cycles.

MET: Encores
The tickets for Encores series are in sale now.

National Theatre Live
National Theatre in London announced three new performances transmitted within this year's season. More info available here.

Crappy Movie Proof Aero
In Aero, you are safe!

Nymphomaniac and more movies on Aerovod

Watch Lars von Trier's film on our video-on-demand site, Aerovod.


What's a great gift for someone special? AEROpass! An AEROpass costs just 1000 CZK and is good for 10 free tickets and 10 drinks in the cinema bar. It’s available at the box-office. Or, if you need something different, check out the film posters, DVDs and books at Terry Posters.


The Shockproof Exhibition

3. 3. 2014 — 30. 4. 2014

The Shockproof Exhibition

A special exhibition in Aerobar presents the festival posters from all past years of the Shockproof Film Festival.


MET: Encores

16. 4. 2014

MET: Encores

This year's season of live transmissions from Metropolitan opera ends so now it's the right time to repeat the best shows from last seasons. The tickets are already in sale and the complete program is available here.

Film Before Film

In April, before the regular screenings, we are showing one of the children films from summer film camp Aertěk 2013. Don't miss the short film Šumí to.

Music before film

SOHN Artifice


TOMAS BARFOD Pulsing (ft. Nina K)

OWEN PALLET The Riverbed


Partner: Radio 1


Kino Světozor Bio Oko Aerofilms