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Monday, 2 May
18:00 Ani ve snu! 120 Kč ENG.F.
20:30 A War 120 Kč


The program for April 21 - May 4

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MET: Live in HD 2016/2017
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Alfred Hitchcock's films poster exhibition

29. 2. 2016 — 31. 5. 2016

Alfred Hitchcock's films poster exhibition

Within Alfred Hitchcock's retrospective we've prepared the collection of 20 film posters of his films including Czech and Polish film posters from 60ties - 80ties as well as new student works created in 2012 - 2015 within the special collection for Terry Posters gallery.
At the box office, you can buy also the official poster reprint of Psycho from famous Czech artist Zdeněk Ziegler.


Tobias Lindholm's Minifestival

25. 4. 2016

Tobias Lindholm's Minifestival

April 28 - 29
On the occasion of the Czech premiere of the new Danish film The Hunt we' ve prepared mini retrospective of on of the most important current Danish directors Tobias Lindholm.

Film Before Film

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MAJID JORDAN Shake Shake Shake

JANOHNI Drone Bomb Me

MODERAT Ghostmother


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