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Monday, 3 August
PFL 18:00 Still Alice 40 Kč ENG.F.
LFŠ 20:30 Caliber 9 110 Kč


Othello from Stratford upon Avon | August 26

Please note that the live transmission of Othello from the RSC live series will start at 7:45pm, that is an hour earlier than originally announced. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

The program for July 30 - August 12

The latest program is available online and in the aplication Kinoklub for Android and iPhone.

Official Echoes of 41. LFŠ | August 3 - 8

The best of Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště.

Prague Film Summer

The whole August great films for the fresh price of 40 CZK.

Living Backyard - Beach Party | August 8

Water, sand, palms - for one afternoon in Aero.

Living Backyard - Silent Cinema | August 19

The outdoor screening of America and the music concert of Jan Foukal.

NT Live - autumn shows

The tickets for Everyman and Hamlet are on sale now.

MET: Live in HD 2015/2016
The ticket presale has just started.

Royal Shakespeare Company
Live broadcasts to cinemas around the world from Shakespeare's home town Stratford upon Avon.

Aero Pass & My Cinema

For all Aero fans we offer Aero Pass or the membership in My Cinema Club.

Crappy Movie Proof Aero
In Aero, you are safe!

Always Together and more movies on Aerovod

Watch more than 50 films on our video-on-demand site, Aerovod.


Season 2014 / 2015 at Aeroškola

1. 6. 2015 — 31. 7. 2015

Season 2014 / 2015 at Aeroškola

Presentation of the film and animation courses for children, adults and seniors in the school year 2014/2015 at Aeroškola.


The Official Echoes of the 41st LFŠ

3. 8. 2015

The Official Echoes of the 41st LFŠ

August 3 - 7
Not only IFF Karlovy Vary but also Summer Film School from Uherské Hradiště has its official echoes in Aero. The complete program is available here.


Amy (4 August), The Usual Suspects (5 August), Gods (6 August), Citizen Kane (7 August), Living Backyard III. - Beach Party (8 August), Living Backyard IV. - Silent Cinema (19 August), Othello | RSC Live (26 August), Everyman | NT Live (10 September), Roger Waters The Wall (29 September)

Film Before Film

In August, before the regular screenings we show the short film Motorville from Very Short Film Festival 2014.

Music before film

HOLY HOLY Sentimental and Monday

ISAAC DELUSION How Much You Want Her

TAME IMPALA Reality In Motion

AMBASSADEURS Looking at You (ft. C Duncan)

GESKIA Afterhour

Partner: Radio 1


Kino Světozor Bio Oko Aerofilms