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Wednesday, 29 March
BABY 10:00 The Happiest Day in the Life… 120 Kč
18:00 T2 Trainspotting 120 Kč ENG.F.
NAS 20:30 Blind Date With Aero 0 Kč


The program for March 23 - April 5

The latest program is available online and in the Kinoklub app for Android and iPhone.

Jack Nicholson's Retrospective | April 18 - 21

On the occasion of Jack Nicholson's 80th birthday, we will screen his most famous movies.

Tibetan Film Festival | April 3 - 5

Festival of Tibetan Films and Films about Tibet.

Theatre in cinema

National Theatre in London Live upcoming shows.

Aero Pass & My Cinema

For all Aero fans we offer Aero Pass or the membership in My Cinema Club.

Crappy Movie Proof Aero
You’re safe in Aero!

Jim Jarmusch's collection and more movies on Aerovod

Watch more than 50 films on our video-on-demand site, Aerovod.


On the wings of happiness 2

7. 3. 2017 — 31. 3. 2017

On the wings of happiness 2

A selection of comics stories created during the Comics workshop led by Toy Box in Aeroškola. In eight lessons the participants learned the theory and practice of comics drawing and created their biggest comics projects so far.


Tibetan Film Festival

28. 3. 2017

Tibetan Film Festival

April 3 - 5
From April 3rd- 5th you can visit in Aero the tenth year of the festival of Tibetan films and films about Tibet.

Film Before Film

Music before film

OBLIQUES - Are You Still Mine



SOKO - Sweet Sound of Ignorance

JESCA HOOP - Memories Are Now

Partner: Radio 1


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