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Monday, 22 December
FK 18:00 Mommy 110 Kč
20:45 Wild Tales 110 Kč


The program for December 4 - 17

We have stopped printing the monthly program brochure. Instead of that, we have decided to develope a new website and smartphone app. The aplication is available here for Android and iPhone.

Christmas from Aero

Don't be upset in crowded stores. Come for your presents to Aero.

Santa in Aero | December 24th

A traditional Christmas screening and party in Aero.

New Year's Eve in Aero | December 31st

Celebrate the end of the year with us and the good films.

National Theatre Live

The program for the National Theater Live season 2014/2015 is now online. Tickets are on sale!

Aero Pass & My Cinema

For all Aero fans we offer Aero Pass or the membership in My Cinema Club.

Crappy Movie Proof Aero
In Aero, you are safe!

Finding Vivian Maier and more movies on Aerovod

Watch more than 50 films on our video-on-demand site, Aerovod.


Polish Film Posters

1. 12. 2014 — 28. 2. 2015

Polish Film Posters

Terry Posters collection presents so far the biggest exhibition of Polish film posters that includes over 100 posters in our cinemas Aero, Světozor and Oko.


Christmas from Aero

11. 12. 2014

Christmas from Aero

Don't you have an inspiration for Christmas gifts? Come for them to Aero. You can choose between Aero Pass, film and animation courses, a membership in the My Cinema Club, a prepaid access to Aerovod for Finding Vivian Maier or film posters and DVDs from Terry Posters. Merry Christmas!


Jesus in Aero (24 December), Birdman (31 December), Trash (3 January), A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night (8 January), St. Vincent (10 January), Treasure Island | NT Live (22 January), Of Mice and Men | NT Live (26 March)

Film Before Film

In December, before the regular screenings, we are showing the short animated film High Wool from the International Festival of Animated Films Anifilm.

Music before film

DAMIEN RICE My Favourite Faded Fantasy




SON LUX No Fate (OST: The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby)

Partner: Radio 1


Kino Světozor Bio Oko Aerofilms