Country Teacher

Country Teacher

(Venkovský učitel)
Bohdan Sláma / CZ, 2008
Czech version, 117 min

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In his latest film, the director Bohdan Sláma captures the lives of three main characters, whose incidental meeting triggers off a great story of love, friendship and forgiveness. Each character has his or her own secret, each longs for human presence. The teacher (Pavel Liška) leaves a high school and his parents (Zuzana Kronerová a Miroslav Krobot) in the capital and comes to teach into a country school to forget his past failed relationships and to seek his own self. He gradually gains the trust of the locals, including a very specific farmer Marie (Zuzana Bydžovská) and of her seventeen-year-old son (Ladislav Šedivý). Will the heroes of this story be able to find the strength to forgive, will they finally meet love and friendship?

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