Short circuits

(Kratki stiki)
Janez Lapajne / SLO, 2006
Slovenian version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 105 min

At night a city bus driver fi nds an abandoned baby near a stop. A divorced man comes to pick up his excited son for the weekend. A pretty doctor befriends a quadriplegic. Out of this unfolds a delicate story of human relationships, in which through feelings of sympathy and guilt the protagonists are confronted with diff erent ways of looking at events. This fi lm was made with minimal fi nancial resources, and most of the cast and crew worked for free. Tjaša Železnik plays three parts in the fi lm. (The title Short Circuits, i.e. electrical failure, is the usual translation for Kratki Stiki. In Slovenian, Kratki Stiki also means literally ‚‘brief contacts‘‘.)