Forgotten Transports: To Estonia

Forgotten Transports: To Estonia

(Zapomenuté transporty do Estonska)
Lukáš Přibyl / CZ, 2008
Czech version, 85 min

On 5 September 1942 a transport arrived in Estonia bearing one thousand Czech Jews. Roughly a hundred women between the ages of 19 and 25 were separated from their families who were taken by bus to another, apparently “heated” concentration camp. The terrified girls soon formed various groups in which they gave each other total support. With time they began to act together, like a single, large organism. The optimism and naivety of youth helped them to survive the harrowing journeys through a series of other camps in Estonia and later also in Germany. Their instinct for self-preservation urged them to ignore the Holocaust raging all around them. It was not until 5 September 1945, while they were convalescing in Sweden, that they discovered the truth about what happened to their families… Lukáš Přibyl spent seven years putting together his unique project about the little known fates of Czech Jews during the Holocaust. In this, the third part of the documentary series Forgotten Transports, he combines testimonies from survivors with shocking archive footage and documents, which together offer insight into the destiny of women in a “man’s” war.

The screening is in partnership with the Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival. The film event with the personnel presence of the author Lukáš Přibyl!

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