To Joy

To Joy

(Till glädje)
Ingmar Bergman / SWE, 1950
Swedish version / Czech and English subtitles, 98 min

At the start of the new orchestral season in Hälsingborg, the veteran conductor Sönderby welcomes two newcomers, Stig and Marta, both violinists. Both have met before without coming into close contact. Now they see each other more often and soon they decide to get married. The first crisis in their relationship comes when Stig tries to give a solo performance with the orchestra, despite his immaturity. Sönderby tries to dissuade him, but Stig insists. It is a ghastly experience and Stig´s pride is wounded by Marta´s quiet and dispassionate reaction. There is a quarrel and Stig goes for a walk in the night through Hälsingborg. He runs into a besotted actor, Mikael Bro, and goes home with him. Here he meets Nelly, Mikael´s young, beautiful, and extremely voluptuous wife. Stig leaves, disgusted with this ménage, but some years later, after the birth of his two children, he meets Nelly again. This time he becomes her lover. Marta leaves him, taking the children with her. There is a reconciliation, followed by tragedy, when Marta is killed by an exploding kerosene stove. Stig returns to orchestra rehearsal, and as he listens to Sönderby´s rendering of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and sees his son watching by the door, he realises that he must continue to live and not lose hope.

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