Sorrow Of Madame Shnaider

Sorrow Of Madame Shnaider

(Smutek paní Šnajdrové)
Piro Milkani / CZ / ALB, 2006
Albanian-Czech version, 100 min

The story of the film is set in 1961, when a group of students from the Film Faculty of Academy of Performing Arts (Czech, Slovak, Albanian) shoot their graduate film about a motorcycle factory in eský temberk. Confrontation of the young filmmakers' bohemianism and their sensitive perception of the Czech countryside, where they meet a wide range of characters (count, police station superintendent, director of a hotel, factory foreman etc.) create one level of the story. Another one is a personal drama of an Albanian student Leke, who comes from a country completely isolated from the rest of Europe. He is torn between a feeling of solidarity with his country and with his family, especially his mother, and between his enchantment with the lifestyle, erotic exuberance and lightheartedness of the Czech "golden youth." The protagonist's passionate love for a woman in mature years, the wife of a police superintendent (Anna Geislerová), forms another principal level of the story.

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Č (38%), (7.2/10)

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