The Ferrari Dino Girl

The Ferrari Dino Girl

(Holka Ferrari Dino)
Jan Němec / CZ, 2009
Czech version, 68 min

After Late Night Talks with Mother and Landscape of My Heart, Jan Němec has come up with another auto-documentary hovering on the edge of experiment and feature essay. In it he describes the circumstances surrounding his filming of the Soviet invasion on the streets of Prague on 21 August 1968. The four reels of valuable footage, created on his own initiative, had no value in the occupied state: they had to be shown to the world. Together with two friends, the director travelled with the priceless material, containing sixteen minutes of unedited film, to Austria, across what were by then essentially closed borders. The situation was bizarre indeed, the most important players being the “Ferrari Dino girl”, namely a beautiful but unattainable girl called Jana, and the filmmaker’s beloved Fiat 850. Jan Němec again examines the reality of his life in relation to Czech history, where intimate chronicles are inseparably linked with major historical events. He incorporates new film roles (in which he is played by Karel Roden) into the original footage which flew round the world over forty years ago and boasted “bigger audiences than Steven Spielberg”.

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Č (71%), (7.0/10)

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