Mid-August Lunch

Mid-August Lunch

(Pranzo di Ferragosto)
Gianni Di Gregorio / I, 2008
Italian version / Czech and English subtitles, 75 min

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The Italian holiday “ferragosto” falls in the middle of August and incorporates a short break during which the cities become deserted. Middle-aged Gianni, who lives in the centre of Rome, would love the chance to get away, but he has to look after his old mother who browbeats him in all ways possible, leaving him no time to go down and get some shopping or have a quiet drink somewhere. Since his neighbour is well aware of the situation, he asks Gianni the day before the holiday to take in his old mother as well, promising that he’ll write off the joint administration debts Gianni has run up over the years. When the neighbour turns up at the door not only with his mother, but also with his aunt, Gianni starts to feel sick. He goes to see his doctor friend to get him to take his blood pressure, but even he foists his own elderly mother on him. So Gianni, resigned to his fate, starts planning a special lunch for four old ladies. The film, the debut of screenwriter Gianni Di Gregorio, who also plays the main character, won the Luigi De Laurentiis award for Best First Film at the 65th Venice IFF last year and was successfully screened at numerous festivals all over the world.

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