Made in Hungaria

Made in Hungaria

(Made in Hungaria)
Gergely Fonyó / H, 2009
Hungarian version / Czech subtitles, 109 min

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After a prolonged stay in the U.S., a Brylcreemed Hungarian teenybopper teaches his Communist-era peers about rock ‘n’ roll in this fluffy but swinging musical romance, based on a stage show that was in turn inspired by the early days of Magyar rocker Miklos Fenyo. The crowd-pleasing film was a hit in its native Hungary and delivers a high feel-good quotient, from the first musical number, in which 18-year-old Miki (Tamas Szabo Kimmel) shows off his Jerry Lee Lewis-inspired piano and singing skills after bumping into his childhood friends in a park, to the rivalry that brews between Miki and the gang leader who took his place. “I just want to make music and fall in love,” Miki proclaims — a modest enough goal, though Kimmel’s peppy performance and humorous, nostalgic references to the film’s picture-perfect ’60s setting make for an enjoyable ride.

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Official page, Č (63%), (6.9/10)

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