Blind Date with the Shockproof Aero

Blind Date with the Shockproof Aero

(Otrlé Aero naslepo)
? / ?
?, 87 min

A blind date with The Shockproof Film Festival and cinema Aero. Till the very last minute you’ll have no clue what film we are going to screen. On the other hand, we don’t ask you to buy any tickets - you simply pay what you want after the screening. And if we show a film that you already know, you just leave the screening within ten minutes and we’ll compensate your loss of time with one beer completely free of charge! Are you in? If still not sure, check the festival website and especially our Facebook page for hints – true or false – concerning the title we have in store for you. But one thing we can reveal right away: the film will be part of this year’s theme of VHS nostalgia and will be screened from the original tape with Czech dubbing. So tough luck for all you English speakers.

Film will be screened from VHS.

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