Boy Meets Girl

Boy Meets Girl

(Boy Meets Girl)
Leos Carax / F, 1984
French version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 100 min

We have included the first feature of French director Leos Carax from 1984 in the retrospective of the Danish director for two reasons. First, it is a film that significantly influenced young Boe – he even named the hero of “Reconstruction” after one of the characters. Second, it is one of the most interesting films of the French Cinema du Look movement and it is never too late to show a work like this. „My first meeting with Leos Carax and “Boy Meets Girl” was a serious shock to my system. It was a sort of out of body experience watching this guy, who was also a very young man, doing this great poetic cinema that seemed like it was coming out of a great tradition of cinema but still was very fresh and new and something that I had never seen before. Leos Carax was the guy, my flame in the night, and he’s still a man that I enjoy and love very much.“ Christoffer Boe – interview with Todd Brown for (2005)

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Č (75%), (7.0/10)

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