Gimme Some Respect

Gimme Some Respect

(Vähän kunnioitusta)
Pekka Karjalainen / FIN, 2010
Finnish version / translated to Czech, 93 min

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Young Siiri is about to move away from home. Her aim is to become independent and she is dreaming about love. Like many young women, however, there is one separating factor: Siiri has a learning disability. Siiri makes progress in becoming independent. She lives in an innovative dormitory and will not live on social security, instead getting a real job. She falls in love with Santeri, who does not have a learning disability. For a while, happiness is blooming. Siiri’s friend, Suski, who lives in the same dormitory, is desperately dreaming of marriage and – not being careful enough – is subjected to sexual abuse. This event, along with the unbiased relationship with Siiri and Santeri, brings all people’s hidden attitudes flooding to the surface.

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