Filmmaker, Fan, Freak

Filmmaker, Fan, Freak

(Filmař, fanoušek, podivín )
Kateřina Mikulcová / CZ, 2010
Czech version , 59 min

Josef F., a young cartoon filmmaker, living in the world of cinema and theatre is a social case. He has a slight learning disability. The documentary’s aim is not to portray a learning disabled person, but to present a man living at the edge of two worlds – living a life at the top and the life of an outsider. Josef is in frequent contact with the environment of film and theatre celebrities. At the same time, he lives a rather lonely and chaotic life with his caretaker, in a house without running water. The contrast between the glittering world of the celebrities and the colourless, slow-paced existence of social cases forms the scope of Joseph’s life and also frames the film.

Guests: Josef Fojt and Kateřina Mikulcová

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