Visible World

Visible World

(Viditeľný svet)
Peter Krištúfek / SK, 2011
Slovak version, 110 min

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The film’s main character, Oliver, works as an air traffic controller at Bratislava airport. He is of Czech origin and, although he has worked in Slovakia for many years, he has not managed to blend in. He lives an anonymous life on a large housing estate from where he has a view onto the windows of the other tenants. Oliver’s attention is focused on a young family living opposite who use their balcony mainly at mealtimes. The parents with their two children embody the happiness which has eluded him. From his initial admiration, Oliver’s feelings turn to envy and a desire to appropriate their contented life for himself, even if it means breaking the law. Peter Krištúfek’s feature debut is dominated by the performance of Ivan Trojan in the leading role, who once again proves that his exceptional skills as an actor are not restricted merely to likeable characters. In addition to Trojan, Krištúfek’s subtle direction is supported by other first-rate performers and draws on depictions of the less familiar recesses of the Slovak capital.

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