David Cronenberg / F - CDN - P- I, 2012
English version / Czech subtitles, 108 min

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Set in New York in the near future, this is the dark story of a 28-year-old financial magnate named Eric Packer. Ensconced in his luxurious limousine, the rapacious and insatiable Wall Street superstar travels all the way across Manhattan to have his hair cut by his father’s venerable barber. Along the way he notes the yen slumping as he gazes through the bulletproof glass of his automobile at a world rife with violence and freakishness. Over the course of 24 hours, Eric watches as his empire collapses irretrievably. Once so self-assured, the young man begins to understand that someone is out to get him.... In his adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel, David Cronenberg once again taps into the motifs that have long fascinated him: social phobias and anxieties, and the interpenetration of organic matter and the psychological state of his disaffected hero. Under the director’s guidance, Robert Pattinson excels in this surreal vision charting the dark side of the economic crisis.

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Č (42%), (5.0/10)

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