Citizen K.

Citizen K.

(Občan K.)
Michal Romeo Dvořák / CZ, 2012
Czech version , 72 min

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A group of twelve artists are not indifferent to the increasing control on the part of the state. By means of a simple trick with a photograph, each of them has a new ID made, allowing two people to prove their identity by means of a single identity card. The card carries the identity of both its owner and another group member. The group members live, travel, get married and even get a firearms license using these cards. They capture related events on the camera, both hidden and acknowledged. The project culminates in an exhibition in an improvised gallery. Things get dramatic on the second day as the gallery is suddenly raided by the Czech police. Unable to prove his identity, one of the group members is arrested on the spot. Obviously, something is going on here; they have trodden on the system's corns.

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