The Suicide Shop

The Suicide Shop

(Le Magasin des suicides)
Patrice Leconte / F - CDN - B, 2012
French version / Czech subtitles, 85 min

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Times are tough in the dark, rainy city and suicide rates are up, which means business is booming for the Tuvanche family. They run The Suicide Shop. Here, those at the end of their rope can find everything they need to shuffle off this mortal coil in style - from poisons and seppuku swords to concrete blocks attached to chains for those favouring the river as their final resting place. Everything's great until Mrs Tuvanche gives birth to the their third child, Alain - and he's a giggling bundle of joy. The family is appalled. Tuvanches don't smile, mother insists, a claim backed up by one look at the two perpetually glum elder Tuvanche children. Will the family business be jeopardised by its cheery new addition?

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Č (62%), (6.2/10)

Shownig also in cinema Světozor:
Tuesday 11 April 17 18:30 110 Kč