New Life of a Family Album

New Life of a Family Album

(Nový život)
Adam Oľha / CZ - SK, 2012
Slovak version, 80 min

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The father of documentary director Adam Oľha recently decided to abandon his wife and six children and begin a new life. In this personal film, Adam, the oldest sibling and only man remaining in the household, goes through his father’s old photos and family home movies, comparing them to the present situation in an attempt to discover what led to his father’s departure. He maps the relationship of his parents, a theatre director and a successful Slovak actress, revealing the problems they had in communicating. He also observes how his parents’ split impacted the lives of his sisters, and considers relationships between men and women on a general level. In this personal exploration of his own family, the filmmaker combines old Super 8 footage with intimate shots capturing the current state of affairs. At the same time, he makes marked use of editing and music, also including his youngest sister’s distinctive slam poetry. The resulting rich documentary represents a new reality in the contemplation of the values of family life.

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