Child's Pose

Child's Pose

(Poziţia copilului)
Călin Peter Netzer / RO, 2013
Romanian version / Czech subtitles, 112 min

Sixty-year-old Cornelia is a well-off architect who continues to dote on her adult son Barbu. For his part, Barbu is trying his best to free himself from the influence of his domineering, manipulative mother; he needs his independence. He leaves home and moves in with his girlfriend, whom his demanding mother doesn’t approve of. But when a tragedy occurs, Barbu’s mother comes to his aid and is willing to do anything to help him.... This psychologically sophisticated, excellently written and superbly acted drama about a pathological mother-son relationship won the Golden Bear at this year’s Berlinale. On a broader scale, the film – whose script was co-written by renowned Romanian screenwriter Răzvan Rădulescu – also explores the life of Romania’s new upper class while touching on pressing social issues such as corruption and the abuse of power.

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