Juraj Lehotský / SK - CZ, 2013
Slovak version , 78 min

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Fifteen-year-old Ela has entered a detention facility following a series of conflicts with her mother. Many of the other girls living there have experienced more misery than some adults – truancy, running away, drugs and prostitution. Before arriving at the correctional centre, Ela was in a relationship with 30-year-old Roby, and she remains deeply in love with him. She imagines them sharing a future together, and she is determined to do what it takes to make it a reality.... Director Juraj Lehotský took inspiration for this social drama from the story of a girl he once met. As he says, the aim of the film was “to see her life the way it is. To live her life with her little secret, in all its simplicity and ordinariness.” He adds: “I wanted to be close to her.” Michaela Bendulová’s entirely natural performance in the role of Ela demonstrably enhances the film’s veracity; the director discovered the young actress in a detention facility after a search lasting nearly two years.

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