Godfrey Reggio / USA, 1982
original version / Czech subtitles, 87 min

The most famous and well-known of the QATSI trilogy, KOYANNISQATSI explores our perceptions of the world. The title of the film is taken from the Hopi word meaning “life out of balance” and that concept is used to examine the conflicts between technology and the environment. “Evidence,” (1995, 8 min.) Reggio, along with student Angela Meliopulous, continues in the exploration into the pervasive nature of technology. A haunting examination of children watching television, “Evidence” addresses the physiological, spiritual and social aspects of this favorite pastime. “Anima Mundi,” (1992, 28 min.) A visit to the animal kingdom accompanied by an ethnic music-based soundtrack by Philip Glass. Reggio’s theory is that a harmonic principle controls the laws of life on earth and has since the beginning of time: beauty and natural order are based on the differences between the species, and all of these different groups form the balanced Whole.

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