Of Horses and Men

Of Horses and Men

(Hross í oss)
Benedikt Erlingsson / IS-N-D, 2013
Icelandic, Swedish, English / Czech subtitles, 81 min

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“The man loves the woman and the woman loves the man, but the man is in love with his most prized possession, the mare, and the mare is obsessed with the stallion. In a remote valley in Iceland, where neighbours follow each other closely, the couple’s first official visit is keenly monitored. Spring is coming and, with it, the dangerous force of nature. This cannot end well.” The filmmakers’ synopsis is delivered with a piquant pen, which not only conveys their desire to tell an off-beat story but also betrays their quirky vision of the world and irresistible sense of humour. The most fascinating debut to come out last autumn, the film offers a – to put it mildly – fresh take on the coexistence of horse and man, here seen through the eyes of the former. Both creatures are impacted by the processes of love, death, taming, and jealousy, all of which Erlingsson and his companions describe with a formidable visual ingenuity verging on audacity, which relentlessly attacks our deep-seated notions of the relationship between man and nature.

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