The Rover

The Rover

(The Rover)
David Michôd / AUS, 2014
English version / Czech subtitles, 102 min

Ten years ago, society as we know it suffered a collapse. But things can still get worse. The perpetually angry loner Eric learns this the hard way when someone steals his last possession – his car. But the robbers leave behind Rey, the gang leader’s brother, and Eric uses him to catch up with the thieves. Set in an inhospitable world where death may lurk around every corner, the film makes excellent use of the singular and desolate environment, playing on the constant state of tension among the people who inhabit it. Although the characters are filled more with uncertainty and conflict than inner warmth, the film still underlines the fact that, even in a world of broken values, ordinary human solidarity still means something. The film and its strong protagonists are set in the near future, but the director states that his message is applicable to contemporary times.

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