Tim Sutton / USA, 2013
English version / Czech subtitles, 79 min

A divine musician and drifter by nature has some music to record but he lacks sufficient motivation. He’d rather wander aimlessly around the mythic city of Memphis absorbed in dreams, as if just a few steps from entering another dimension. He sees the town as a godforsaken spot shaded by a lush canopy of oaks, whose delapidated buildings are only good for a pack of kids. In the spirit of myth-imbued southern spirituality, we are presented with a modern version of a folktale inspired by a Memphis legend about blessed and cursed singer O. V. Wright, who fell from grace and was buried in an unmarked grave. In this deliriously compelling visual interpretation, the fragmented and surreal journey details the search for the soul of a musician played by Willis Earl Beal, enigmatic singer-songwriter of raw ballads. “This was an incredibly difficult performance for Willis because it is him, but it absolutely is not him, but it is him,” director Tim Sutton remarked with a touch of mystery.

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