Xavier Dolan / CDN-F, 2014
French version / Czech subtitles, 139 min

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Canada, in the not so distant future. According to a new law, a parent can leave their incorrigible child in a mental institution for unlimited time and never look back. Diane fights this “solution” tooth and nail when she brings her teenage son, Steve, back home and hopes that they'll work out issues together. In his latest opus, Xavier Dolan perfects the traits characteristic of his work: uncompromising visual extravagance, spellbinding performances from his longtime muses (Anne Dorval, starring as Diane, famous for “I Killed my Mother” and “Heartbeats”, and Suzanne Clement, known for “Laurence Anyways”), a carefully selected soundtrack ranging from Andrea Bocelli to Oasis to Celine Dion, and the subject of a mother-son relationship bordering on absolute love and hell. The film was presented at this year's main competition of IFF Cannes, where it was accepted with excitement and shared the Jury Prize with Jean-Luc Godard. The film is Canada's Oscar nomination for the Best Foreign Language Film.

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Č (82%), (8.1/10)

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