Love at First Fight

Love at First Fight

(Les combattants)
Thomas Cailley / F, 2014
French version / Czech subtitles, 98 min

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It looks like another peaceful summer with family and friends lies ahead for Arnaud. But then, he meets the beautiful and driven Madeleine, full of pure energy and non-stop action, whose inappropriate and sometimes violent behaviour attracts him. Arnaud is peaceful and laid back but Madeleine, on the contrary, struggles with inner turmoil and needs to push her limits. Her dream is to undergo military training. Arnaud’s decision to support and protect her in this goal turns his life upside down. But… nothing seems to work for them because they are from two different worlds. The only chance they’ve got is to create a new, common world.

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Č (66%), (6.6/10)

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