Aero Dog Festival 2015

09. 10. 2015 — 10. 10. 2015

Film festival not only for the dogs.

Aero is "dog friendly cinema". But do the dogs like films? Do they enjoy watching them? We will test it in Aero during two day's long film event Aero Pes Fest which will offer special short films for dogs and two documentaries and six features for human visitors.

Besides film screenings you can enjoy with your dog also other activities such us agility, dog dancing, vet consultations, training of assisstance dog and others.

In Aerobar you can see a special dog film poster exhibition from Terry posters.

Festival partners
Beco | Ekologické produkty pro domácí mazlíčky
Sušienkovo | Zdravé BIO a EKO produkty pro psí chlupáče! Helppes
Laetitia Bohemica - dogdancing
Máme rádi psy

Oficiální stránky festivalu: