California dreamin (endless)

(California dreamin (nesfarsit))
Cristian Nemescu / RO, 2006
Romanian version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 155 min

In May 1999, a NATO military train is heading across Romania for the Serbian border to install the radars to monitor the Serb-Kosovan confl ict. The resolute and upright captain Jones comes up against an invincible obstacle in the shape of the crafty and slightly mafi a-esque railway chief of a secluded train station, who has the transport shunted onto a siding. For the villagers, the Americans’ stopover provides an opportunity to think of how to make the most of it. The detailed exposé of the circumstances, where faithful psychological observations are cleverly combined with ironic abbreviation, result an eloquent tragicomedy with incisive critical refl ection on both the intimate and social level.