The Karamazovs

The Karamazovs

Petr Zelenka / CZ - PL, 2008
Czech-Polish version, 113 min

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This original adaptation of Dostoyevsky’s classic novel doesn’t lack the humor, hyperbole and mystification so typical of director Zelenka’s work. A Prague acting troupe, together with its director, comes to modern-day Krakow to stage an adaptation of Brothers Karamazov in the nontraditional environment of a steel factory. The play deals with the topics of faith, immortality and the salvation of the human soul. In the background of the theatre rehearsal, we follow the fate of the actors. The story is also affected by the personal tragedy of one of the viewers, who has the unusual wish to have the actors rehearse just for him. The rehearsal turns into a show for an audience of one. The biggest drama takes place not on the stage, but in the auditorium...

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