Elmo Nüganen / EST, 2006
Estonian version / English subtitles / translated into Czech, 94 min

“Many people must have felt – my life is all wrong. I did. I had always thought, a little bit more and then I will change and start living a new life – MY OWN LIFE. One more project to fi nish, one more thing to do AND THEN! But what if “and then” never arrives? What if everything will always stay the old way? Something in me snapped and I decided at least to try. Try to live a zero life. Somewhere at the end of the world...” – this is our main character’s confession while appearing before the court as a defendant. This heart-warming story is about a man who made a complete U-turn with his life and decided to somewhere fi nd the real purpose of it. And that somewhere turns out to be right next to him.