Hank and Mike

Hank and Mike

(Hank and Mike)
Matthiew Klinck / CAN, 2007
English version / Czech subtitles, 86 min

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Friends Hank and Mike work as Easter bunnies for Easter Enterprises; even though they only work once a year, they get paid all year round. When one of the guys fails to deliver his Easter eggs, their boss is given a pretext for their planned dismissal. And since they have never done anything else in their lives, the prospect of the unemployment office hits them hard. But everything has its bright side – after all, throwing out the slops might be the ideal odd job to test the strength of their friendship. The film is based on a model synthesis of real lives and absurd professions dictated by an evil organisation which controls all public holidays. It conjures up the spirit of the “loser” films of Kevin Smith and, like them, Hank and Mike doesn’t content itself with a march-past of eccentric characters but delves deeper into their characterisation. The film uses the latter for a sophisticated gibe at the pursuit of profit, but also revels in the delights which money can bring. The main roles of Hank and Mike are played by the film’s scriptwriters, Paolo Mancini and Thomas Michael.

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