Red Sun

Red Sun

(Rote Sonne)
Rudolf Thome / BRD, 1969
German / Czech subtitles, 89 min

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This movie is a feminist film and a parody of a Western at the same time. It is something of cult movie in that no other film shot at the end of the 1960s manages to personify the milieu of the 1968 generation in the same way. Ennui, liberation from unacceptable norms, and combative women who know what they want all lie at the heart of this consciously trashy film, which captivated Wim Wenders when it first came out. He has praised it as one of the few movies that has managed to adapt the principles of modern Hollywood production to German film without simply copying it.

Peggy (played by Uschi Obermaier, a sex symbol of the 1968 Movement) is an attractive woman who lives with her three girlfriends in an old Munich apartment. They have just one clear rule for their life together: men can be used for sex for five days only. Afterwards they have to be killed. All of them conscientiously abide by this pact, which results in a pile of suitcases with men’s body parts. When Peggy then meets her old boyfriend at a disco and falls in love with him again, the system spins out of control. Back on the scene once more, her old lover senses danger, but he doesn’t want to lose Peggy. He stays until the end of the fifth day …

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