The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

(The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Jim Sharman / GB - USA, 1975
English version / without Czech subtitles, 100 min

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In 1975 the most peculiar of all the cinematic cults was born. Initially a box office disaster, the film adaptation of an obscure musical show started drawing crowds during its run as a midnight movie. There it found the perfect enthusiastic audience for its mixture of catchy songs with decadent lyrics, homage to the naïve B-movies of yesteryear and ode to eccentricity and debauchery. It was those carnival-like screenings that birthed the traditions of audience participation and the shadowcast, where an ensemble of fans is acting out the whole movie live parallel with the screening. Take the trip to transsexual Transylvania and follow the freshly engaged Brad and Janet as they fall prey to the jaws of depravity, when their mischievous fate steers them into the lair of an alien mad scientist set on creating the perfect lover. The Shockproof Film Festival, with the help of its friends, proudly presents its biggest interactive screening, now returning on an irregular basis. Follow the film’s motto “Don’t dream it, be it” and come see The Rocky Horror Picture Show the proper way it should be experienced.

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Official page, Č (77%), (7.4/10)

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