Petr Jákl / CZ, 2010
Czech version, 107 min

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A feature film about today’s most famous prisoner serving life, whose story is still uncontrollably being written by life... Jiří Kajínek. Nine firearms including an automatic with a silencer, punished five times, he fled from justice four times. Or from injustice. It all depends on the point of view. His fate copies the wild twists and turns that democracy in Central Europe is hurtling through. The peculiar details of the trial, biased investigations, disappearing evidence, unreliable witnesses, changing testimony – these are all undeniable clues. Clues that point not to a lone gunman, but to a labyrinth of corruption in the Plzeň police force at the beginning of the nineties. Jiří Kajínek repeatedly pointed out the contradictions in his case, all to no effect. And so, while his lawyer is trying to dredge up some convincing cut and dried evidence from the murky waters of intimidated witnesses and mysteriously disappearing clues, Kajínek decides to draw attention to his case in another way. He escapes from prison. He is caught each time. So, just to be certain, the notorious breakout artist is taken to a place where no other prisoner has escaped, not under the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, not under the Protectorate, not even during forty years of building socialism, nobody: to the Mírov fortress. And Kajínek decides that he is going to get out of here, too. And he actually succeeds. The genuine fate of the most famous living prisoner Jiří Kajínek is not only a story about how it is enough for it to be useful to someone and literally any of us can find ourselves behind bars.

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