Jan Hřebejk / CZ - SK, 2013
Czech version, 92 min

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Tereza and Radim seem like the ideal couple, and their wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards are nothing short of perfect. But then a mysterious young man turns up who appears to be a friend of the groom, although no-one initially wants to acknowledge his presence. The film endeavours to introduce a sense of ambiguity not only into the act of marriage as a life-changing event we normally associate with positive emotions, but also into the way it portrays its protagonists, whose ostensibly desirable lives gradually start to reveal something sinister hidden underneath. Through its heroes, it then attempts to question and re-examine moral issues without passing any kind of judgement. Reminiscent in its best moments of the visually compelling and coldly analytical Nordic dramas, Honeymoon crowns the director’s loose trilogy that began with the films Kawasaki Rose (2009) and Innocence (2011), whose characters also have to contend with shadows from the past that reappear to haunt them later in life.

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