Felvidek. Caught in Between

Felvidek. Caught in Between

(Felvidék – Horná zem)
Vladislava Plančíková / SK-CZ, 2014
Slovak, Hungarian, Czech, English version / Czech and Englishsubtitles, 75 min

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In this animated documentary, a director of Slovak-Hungarian origin searches for her family's roots, uncovering taboo topics related to issues of national co-existence and origin. Post-WWII population exchanges affected the lives of tens of thousands of people. While Slovaks living in Hungary were able to return to their ancestral homeland, Slovak Hungarians for the most part were officially resettled. Politico-social engineering left the people with deep scars. The film combines archival footage with animated narrative testimony of witnesses and interviews with young people for whom the question of national identity is no longer as vital today.

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