Ille & A Fool there Was

Ille & A Fool there Was

(Ille & Blázen to byl)
Frank Powell / USA, 1915
silent film / live music., 67 min

BioFonie basic unit is two outwardly different artistic forms fusion - the film and live music. Next edition joins together American drama A Fool there Was with original music of Ille.

A drama of a married man influenced by his mistress to such an extent that he becomes a helpless victim lacking his own will or personality. A famed title that significantly contributed to the introduction of the femme fatale character into American film. It also points out the power of budding film journalism.

ILLE is a Czech band of experienced musicians formed around singer/keyboardist/author Olga Königová. As a follow up to their 2010 EP, they released their debut LP in late 2013 on the major Czech label Supraphon, produced by leading Czech producer Dušan Neuwerth. The album has received very good press reviews, immediately took the 2nd spot in Czech iTunes sales, and the singles have enjoyed heavy rotation in both alternative and mainstream radio stations. In 2014, the album was voted the best Czech album of 2013 by, a prominent Czech music site. It was also nominated for the 2013 Apollo Czech music journalist award and in March 2014, received nominations for best new artist, best band and best song for the “Anděl awards” (the Czech equivalent of Grammy).

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