Three Hearts

Three Hearts

(3 coeurs)
Benoît Jacquot / F-D-B, 2014
French version / Czech subtitles, 106 min

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Dans une ville de province, une nuit, Marc rencontre Sylvie alors qu’il a raté le train pour retourner à Paris. Ils errent dans les rues jusqu’au matin, parlant de tout sauf d’eux mêmes, dans un accord rare, comme dansé. Quand Marc prend le premier train, il donne à Sylvie un rendez-vous, à Paris, quelques jours après. Ils ne savent donc rien l’un de l’autre, et c’est bien plus qu’un jeu, c’est comme ça. Sylvie ira à ce rendez-vous et Marc, par malheur, non. Il la cherchera et en trouvera une autre, Sophie, sans savoir qu’elle est la sœur de Sylvie. Marc et Sylvie se retrouveront, leur accord sans pareil n’aura pas disparu, c’est trop tard...

The story starts simply enough: a man misses his train in a small provincial town and needs to find a hotel. He meets a woman in a bar and asks her for help — and to take a walk with her. Romance seems inevitable, but a missed assignation in Paris sends the would-be lovers on their separate ways despite the clearly special connection between them. Marc returns to his life in the tax office, Sylvie moves to the States. Then, one day, Marc meets Sophie. They are soon deeply in love, living together, and planning to marry. The hitch: unbeknownst to our hero, Sylvie and Sophie are sisters, and very close ones at that. Jacquot lets us in on the secret upfront, leaving the bewildered Marc to twist in the wind. The tension only builds once things are revealed, resulting in some explosive moments and a lingering uncertainty as to where things will end up. Jacquot meticulously observes all of the foibles of his various characters, almost taunting us to decide what is morally correct in a situation like this.

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Č (67%), (5.9/10)