Series marathon - The Promise

Series marathon - The Promise

(Seriálový maratón - Slib)
Peter Kosminsky / GB, 2010
English / Czech subtitles, 356 min

Film marathon of British series The Promise commemorating the creation of the State of Israel / Nakba Day

In a love story that spans the ages, this four-part, epic drama intercuts between the experiences of Erin, an 18-year-old Londoner in present day Israel and Gaza, and those of her military grandfather who was part of the British peace-keeping force in Palestine at the end of WWII.

The story begins when Erin’s best friend, Eliza, the daughter of wealthy Israeli-Jewish parents, is called back to Israel for her National Service and invites Erin along to spend the summer with her family. En route, Erin starts to read her grandfather’s diary. Moved by his account and the realization he wasn’t much older than her when he wrote the diary, Erin retraces his steps in modern day Israel, seeing for herself the hard facts of life for both Jewish and Palestinian communities.

A gripping, political thriller that examines the origins of the Middle East conflict in events that took place under British rule sixty years ago.

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