1001 Grams

1001 Grams

(1001 Gram)
Bent Hamer / N, 2014
Norwegian, French, English version / Czech subtitles, 93 min

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Marie is over thirty, she is recently divorced and she is interested solely in kilograms – not of her own weight, as it might seem. She works at a research institute whose greatest pride is a template of the perfect kilogram. And Maria is now assigned the task to bring the model to a science conference in Paris. It sounds like the perfect trip, but Maria has never travelled. And on top of that, alone, with a cone resembling a suitcase bomb, and to a city where life is measured with charm and good wine, not the physical units she is used to... Bent Hamer's Norwegian comedy is about the clash of seemingly incompatible contrasts and pure enchantment with the coincidences of life.

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ČSFD.cz (63%), IMDB.com (6.3/10)