Carnem & The Pleasure Garden

Carnem & The Pleasure Garden

(Carnem & Bludiště lásky)
Alfred Hitchcock / GB-D, 1925
silent movie / live music, 61 min

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BioFonie basic unit is two outwardly different artistic forms fusion - the film and live music. Next edition joins together Alfred Hitchcock's directorial debut with the live music of Carnem.

The Pleasure Garden is a 1925 British silent film directed by Alfred Hitchcock in his directorial debut. Based on a novel by Oliver Sandys, the film is about two chorus girls at the Pleasure Garden Theatre in London and their troubled relationships.

Carnem is a music project of the singer Kateřina Göttlichová (BraAgas, Anděl Award in the category of World Music in 2009 and 2014), David Göttlich (Timudej) and Jan Balcar (La Putyka). Their music comes from the roots of world music. It draws from the Spanish, Mexican and Balkan music but uses only the foundation stones that are mixed with the electronic sounds, noises, loops and othe sound effects.

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