My Cinema

31. 5. 2014

My Cinema

Do you like Aero, Světozor or Bio Oko cinemas? Do you want to call any of them “your” cinema?

Buy a membership in the My Cinema Club and your cinema will be yours!

Choose the one cinema that’s your favorite become a part of it. Support its activities, enjoy its benefits and give a name to a seat in your preferred cinema.

For 4,000 CZK only, Aero will become Your Cinema for 3 years and that includes:
- the good feeling that comes from supporting your favourite cinema
- a prepaid credit of 1100 CZK on your membership card for which you can buy tickets to Aero, Světozor, Bio Oko and even to Scala in Brno
- your name labeled on a selected chair in the screening hall of Aero
- your name on the website and the map of the screening hall on; your name in the Thank you section on the cinema website
- your name on the Thank you presentation on the screen of Bio Oko before almost every screening
- your name in the special section on the cinema facebook profile
- approximately 10 invitations a year to ceremonial premieres and special screenings in Aero, for free
- you can invite another member of the My Cinema Club and get him/her a 10% discount for his/her membership
- a one-time discount of 5% for your purchase in Terry Posters - one movie of your choice viewed online at Aerovod
- a 5% discount on every paid workshop organized by Aeroschool and the summer film camp Aertek
- please note that the 4,000 CZK is tax deductible

More info about My Cinema Club.