Citizen Havel - director's cut

(Občan Havel)
P. Koutecký - M. Janek / CZ, 2007
Czech version / English subtitles, 145 min

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special director's cut - 25min. longer than distribution film print

Documentary film maker Pavel Koutecký has filmed and observed the first Czech president ever since 1992. Throughout the thirteen years he has collected a lot of interesting material. We are witness to the backstage of both political and private dramas of his presidential term, we watch his anxiety over the first presidential election or his rehearsals of the thanksgiving speech. Koutecký is not afraid to capture even some of the more delicate situations of the president’s life. The final material provides a portrait of one of the most important Czech figures. Unfortunately Koutecký won’t be at the premier. After his tragic death, finishing works have been resumed by the director Miroslav Janek.

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