(Les amours imaginaires)
Xavier Dolan / CDN, 2010
French version / Czech subtitles, 97 min

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The enchanting film Heartbeats was one of this year’s audience hits at Cannes in the section Un certain regard. A study of the paradoxes of love and human loneliness, the film earned its appeal particularly for the light, comic tone woven into the story of an unusual love triangle between three friends, Francis (played by the director himself), Marie, and their young new acquaintance, the classically beautiful Nicolas. Their love for the newcomer breaks the bond Marie and Francis have cultivated over many years and forces them to choose between love and friendship, between a tranquil life and edgy desire. The film is framed by authentic testimonies from young people who comment on their own romantic misadventures which, together with the movie’s imaginative structure, make for a truly delightful crowd-pleaser. Dolan’s style is moreover easily identifiable and at the same time highly poetic and ironic. It comes close to the films of Wong Kar-wai, for instance, in the way he uses music and slow-motion passages.

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