Fulmaya, the Girl with Skinny Legs

Fulmaya, the Girl with Skinny Legs

(Fulmaya, děvčátko s tenkýma nohama)
Vendula Bradáčová / CZ, 2013
Czech version, 76 min

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Slovak musician and actress Dorota Nvotova, known for her work in the films “Děvčátko” “Perníková věž” and “O život” and her Nepalese alter ego Fulmaya are the main characters in the story. This intelligent young woman’s lifestyle makes her the embodiment of the polarity in today’s world. Dorota enjoyed a comfortable standard of living in Europe. Even so she set off on a long pilgrimage in order to find herself. This journey brought her all the way to the Himalayan foothills. She finds peace and quiet in an impoverished part of the world that is drastically different from the West. Dorota runs a successful travel agency in Nepal that focuses on high altitude treks. Dorota’s Nepalese alter ego Fulmaya also introduces us to the world of street children and the life of the Happy Home orphanage, which Dorota oversees. Here we meet another of the main characters, Fulmaya, the three year-old foundling named after the woman who rescued her. Life itself usually writes the most surprising screenplays; Dorota Nvotova’s destiny likewise takes what can be perceived as an unexpected direction.

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