The Congress

The Congress

(The Congress)
Ari Folman / IL-D-PL-L-F-B, 2013
English version / Czech subtitles, 120 min

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Actress Robin Wright plays herself: a film star past her zenith who, with every new wrinkle, receives fewer roles. Perhaps her last big offer lays in front of her on the table. A film studio wants to scan her body, her movements, and her emotions – to purchase a virtual actress that will not age a single day.

Fear of the imminent end of her career, the promise of eternal youth in the world of film and healthy financial compensation compel her to concede. Twenty years later, she sets out to “The Congress” to discuss extending the contract and finds herself in a transformed and fantastic world, an animated zone where anyone can be whoever they wish. The visually stunning adaptation of the novel by sci-fi cult author, Stanisław Lem, is a unique reflection on a society that invokes the cult of youth, inebriating itself with industrially produced illusions. Director Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir) combines acted and animated passages in an original manner, while leaving the plot open-ended.

European Film Prize 2013: European Animated Feature Film. Tokyo Anime Award 2014: Featured Film Category. International Cinephile Society Awards 2014: Best Picture. CinEuphoria Awards 2015: Best Animated Film. Austin Fantastic Fest 2013: Best picture; screenplay; actress. And others…

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