NTS & Genuine

NTS & Genuine

(NTS & Genuine)
Robert Wiene / Německo, 1920
silent film / live music, 43 min

NTS, a cross-genre – or “perverse-jazz-punk” – trio (Michal Nejtek – keyboards, Petr Tichý – double bass, Štěpán Smetáček – drums), is launching its new DVD called Genuine. The DVD is a recording of a live improvised show which included a projection of the 1920 expressionist movie Genuine, directed by Robert Wiene (who, among others, was also the author of the more famous Cabinet of Dr. Caligari). The show took place in 2009 as part of the 5th international biennial Vestiges of Industry in the Old Waste Water Treatment Plant in Bubeneč, Prague.

The DVD launch will also include a projection of the movie, accompanied with brand new improvised music involving updated sound design.

Tickets in advance-sale for 160 CZK. In the day of the event, tickets for 200 CZK.

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